Rhine-Danube Corridor: Removal of WWII ships from Danube

The Danube is navigable along its entire course throughout Serbia (588 km). Yet, in the Djerdap Gorge, just below the port of Prahovo, the river’s waterway narrows from 180 to just 100 meters, due to the sunken ships. Some of the ships are positioned within the fairway and passing vessels need to sail cautiously, especially during periods of low water levels. Removal of these ships is a complex operation, also due to the explosive materials still stored on some of the sunken ships. The estimated overall costs of this project are €29.1 million, made up of blending investment through the WBIF – EU contributions over €16.6 million and a respective loan by the European Investment Bank through the WBIF. This project will free the flow of the river and facilitate safe navigation on this part of the Danube. The project has been identified as one of 24 flagship projects for €3.4 billion investments in the Economic and Investment PIan for the Western Balkans 2021-2027. The European犀利士
Union and bilateral donors contribute €1.2 billion in grants to these investments.